Advantages of Online Tutoring

Advantages of Online Tutoring

Advantages of Online Tutoring

In today's world when everything is dependent on the Internet, why would teaching be excluded? The teaching-learning process is not limited to the classroom now, online tutoring is much in demand, especially for the benefits it provides both to the students and the tutors. Read below to know why online tutoring is effective, smart and saves time and energy.

Asynchronic/Offline Tutoring

Asynchronic tutoring involves offline tutoring which means that you will be given a specific coursework which you will have to work on without communicating with your tutor online at the very moment. It is basically like distant education. An online tutorial is where you will be given course works which you will be required to finish in a given period of time. And your online tutor will evaluate your course work. If you need further guidance or if you are in doubt about any part of the course or if require further explanation regarding some area, you can contact your tutor even when she/he is not online.

Synchronic/Online Tutoring

Synchronic or online tutoring requires you and your tutor to be online. It is a kind of face to face tutoring session only that it happens over the Internet. It gives you a feeling of classroom teaching, it is also a one-on-one teaching session. Therefore, it works really well for students who are introverts and cannot express their queries publicly. Such tutorials are more comfortable and these sessions truly help you clear all your doubts and broaden your knowledge through a casual conversation with your tutor. Usually, such face-to-face tutorials happens over audio-visual medium, such as, Skype and so on.

Online Tutorial Suitable for Students of All Kinds

Whereas, in conventional classrooms, there are students of all kinds, it becomes impossible for the tutor to pay attention to every student. Online tutorials solve this problem, there are tutors online willing to teach students who require special care or students who want advanced learning. There are tutors for students who fall into the English as second or foreign language category, so they might need a tutor who are suitable for them language-wise.

Peer-to-Peer Tutoring

Peer to peer tutoring basically means that you are going to be helped by a tutor who are of your same class or maybe one grade senior to you. Tutors of the same age group are often very effective for students who are shy and are generally afraid to confront teachers or ask questions. Often students feel that if they ask questions, teachers would think that they are stupid. They do not usually feel that same fear towards a person who is of their same age and grade. Peer-to-Peer tutors understand the psyche of the student very well and help with the course work just as a friend would.

Online tutoring is, however, very lucrative on the teachers' part as well. These days, online tutors often earn more money on a monthly basis than teachers in middle or hight schools get. It also saves time for online tutors to engage in other works as well.