Skill Development for Kids

Skill Development for Kids

Every kid goes through the process of skill development which includes a lot of learning, activities and fun as well.

According to studies, spending time on hand-eye coordination activities improves children’s ability to learn to read and lessens the difficulty they face during the process i.e. helps in the development of cognitive skills. Engaging in a variety of craft activities which most kids love such as playing with dough, stickers, and glue sticks can be very beneficial. Puzzles help develop hand-eye coordination because learning to control hands and fingers is a coordination skill that helps children in early attempts at reading and writing.

In terms of emotional skills, there are a lot of games that help in their development. It is highly important for kids to learn to deal with other people in order to be successful as professionals. Oikos Global has developed series of “emotional intelligence” board games. They are a perfect tool for parents to breach difficult topics, teach their kids about qualities such as empathy, problem solving, assertiveness and good manners, or simply to have some family fun. Through active play, kids can learn positive strategies to handle common emotional situations relating to anger, aggression, fear and conflict, and they can focus on their strengths and positive attributes.

Introducing yoga in classrooms helps kids develop better skills. Yoga helps kids to concentrate and it makes them feel calm and relaxed. The various school activities, peer-pressure, and the large amount of homework can cause kids to be under a lot of stress. Teaching yoga to kids can help them develop better body awareness, self-control, flexibility, and coordination. These kinds of skills can even be carried beyond class and into their everyday routines. A difference among the students is noticed, such as improvement in test scores and test-taking skills due to the decrease in stress level after yoga routines.

Public speaking is one skill that kids should enhance and it requires personal coaching. Personal coaching includes the development of self-confidence and the effort on helping kids to improve their public speaking skills. Kids usually have their own skills and abilities on how to deliver a specific presentation. The coach is the person who is supposed to bring out that natural skill in them. The kid only needs to listen and internalize all the things taught by the coach. Kids who are being taught public speaking at an early age have better communication and speaking skills.

Kids need to be taught early organizational skills. It is highly important because the organizational differences among students play a large role in determining which kid gets the most out of their educational experience. There are several ways to develop you kids’ organizational skills:

  • Teach them how to store and transport papers and other items to and from school;
  • Assign them a specific time to study and do homework each day;
  • Use “To Do” lists and “Chore Charts”;
  • Create a place stocked with appropriate supplies for your child to complete homework.