Traits of a good Mentee

Traits of a good Mentee

A great mentor does not guarentee success, but they surely can help greatly in improving their Mentee's lives. But, there are things a Mentee should do or demonstrate:

Have an Open Mind:

You may not always agree with someone's ideas or their way of thinking. But dismissing them altogether may not be the best idea. Be open to even people who think differently from you and things you'll learn from them will surprise you.


I can never stress this enough. Listen more than you speak. More you speak less time you are soaking in the knowledge from a mentor. Keep your mind calm, and listen to all the wisdom your mentor is willing to share with you, absorb it and ask the questions that you really have, than the questions you think you should be asking.


If someone ever shares a quote with you saying that people who procrastinate are genuises, then just walk away from such people. Procrastination is never a good thing. It demonstrates fear of taking action. And to grow in life, all you should be focussed on, is your next action.

Be Cool:

Not referring to be as cool as a superstar, with ray-ban on your eyes and a fancy shirt. But cool as in, cool of mind. Stay calm. Never, in case of any feedback from your mentor or teacher, ever get angry or lose your cool. It gives the other person a wrong impression of you and they would be hesitant to help you the next time.

Be Thankful:

Even if you are paying your mentor for their time. Never forget to say thank you, and being grateful that they took out their time to help you grow. Be thankful of their generosity of time. They are taking time out of their busy schedule to ensure your success. Nothing can be greater than that. Be greatful and thankful to your mentors.

Be Respectful:

Nothing, I mean nothing, is more hurtful than disrespect. Even if you think your mentor may not know as much as you had hoped, or they haven't been able to solve some of your queries, you should never ever as a good mentee be disrespectful. You showing disrespect hurts a mentor and it makes you the lesser person for your behaviour. I know you are a good person, but always remember, treat every individual with respect, especially your Mentor. 

Here were some guideliness for a good Mentee.