What can Mentori.ng do for you?

What can Mentori.ng do for you?

Have you ever sat down and wondered how do I get where I want to go?

Have you ever wondered how do people in pinnacle of their careers reached where they are?

Have you every been stuck at a problem and no amount of googling or youtube videos have helped?

Then Mentori.ng is the answer for you.

We at Mentori.ng are inspired by solving problems and helping people's needs. We ourselves struggled with these problems from time to time and didn't know the answer. That's when we realized that it was upon to us to create the solution to our own problems. Once we created the solution, i.e. Mentori.ng, we realized that a lot of people were struggling with similar issues themselves. That's when we decided it was time to introduce the world to Mentori.ng

Mentori.ng is a platform that connect Mentors with Mentees/Students through a one-to-one video or audio session. A student looking for guidance, searches for an expert in the domain of interests, books a time-slot with them, and then enjoys a one-to-one sessions with the expert of choice. We knew that a Mentor-Mentee relationship is not built by just one video or audio call, it has to be more than that. The connection has to be constant. That's where we brought in the ability for a Mentor or a Mentee to message each other whenever they like through Mentori.ng. The messenger on our platform is a 24*7 resource you can use to seek help from your mentor or guide your mentee to success.

We at Mentori.ng strongly believe in the ability of individuals to change the world for the better. We all just need that little helping hand and that's where if you are stuck in life with something, you can always count on your Mentor from Mentori.ng to help you when you need. At Mentori.ng we have provided all the possible resources available at our disposal and put it all into Mentori.ng so as to make the communication between a Mentor and a Mentee or a student absolutely seamless. We bring the technology, you just give someone your time to help make their lives better.

Mentori.ng is constantly listening and addressing feedbacks from its users so as to bring it's users the best possible experience.

Hope you enjoy Mentori.ng!